Glued insulated joint installation
Timber structures maintenance & repairs
Ultrasonic testing of welds & rail
Rail stress measurement & adjustment
Minor maintenance activities
Condition monitoring & Works Certification, Track and Structures
Rail Aluminothermic Welding
Electric Arc welding of rail & turnouts

Rail Welding - Aluminothermic Electric Arc

 RailCom performs both arc and aluminothermic welding, along with ultrasonic testing for field and string production welding, turnout welding, weld defect removal and rail stress adjustment.

Track & Structures Work Certification

After Condition Monotoring of the asset, Railcom provide Track and structures Works Certification, through "NON DESTRUCTIVE" Testing techniques.

Glued Insulated Joint Installation

RailCom has the personnel and capabilities to install Glued Insulated Joints (GIJ) of existing brownfield lines. With this technical assistance we are able to successfully install and certify the quality documentation of our GIJ installation.

Timber Structures

RailCom do maintenance and repairs on all railway timber structures.

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Inspections are all carried out by qualified inspectors with many years of practical experience. Inspection processes are designed to meet specific client needs.