A Few Words About Us

Our Track Record:

Above and beyond, our rail division staff has extensive experience on many rail works across Australia in the last 20 years including:

  • Rail upgrades throughout the
    metropolitan areas on the eastern
    coast of Australia
  • Experience in the Pilbara region
    Heavy haul sector of NSW & QLD
  • Bridge construction & examination
    throughout QLD
  • Asset management, maintenance
    and renewals.



Our Team


Ian Marks – Metallurgist


What We Offer


RailCom Provides specialised rail services, e.g.:

  • Aluminothermic Welding
  • Electric Arc welding of rail & turnouts
  • Ultrasonic testing of welds & rail
  • Rail stress measurement & adjustment
  • Minor maintenance activities
  • Condition monitoring of the asset – track & structures
  • Track and structures works certification
  • Glued insulated joint installation
  • Timber structures maintenance & repairs.

Our People are skilled and experienced in their professional disciplines. They are committed to working with customers and stakeholders to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions that meet or exceed measurable expectations.


The greatest accolade our customers can give us is recognised through our satisfaction surveys that consistently reveal the positive working relationships with our team members. Lasting relationships are often formed that extend beyond the original scope of work and into future projects.


Rail Com teams commence every new project with an initial goal of gaining a deep understanding of each customer’s true drivers, risks and aims. Only through such an understanding is it possible to deliver value outcomes that meet customer expectations, future demands and community needs.